During the Sixties the idea spread that hallucinogenic
drugs could offer everyone visions that come spontaneously to mystics and great artists. It was the beginning of a new path, of a drastic upheaval of old ideas about nature, man, religion and art. Really, it was not a new direction but the rediscovery of man’s ecstatic dimension. It was also an attempt to overcome the gap between the individual and the world... the neurotic European destiny created by Greek civilization. Every year thousands flocked to the Temple of Eleusis where the initiated drank kykeon, the holy drink that brought one to ecstasy.

The fluid and twisting lines along the surface of the silver evoke the hallucinatory visions
of the Sixties, but the glass cup that inspired them was discovered during excavations in Pompeii, and probably created in the early years of the sixth decade of the Christian era.

Soft and expanding lines can be found on carafes and cups to mimic Dionysian inebriation. These linesare also found on flower vases.